ENDURO is an Atari retro game remake brought to you by Nemo Games for the sake of retro game lovers using iOS Devices featuring the very exact original theme and all fantastic details.

4.5 stars on App Store

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*** Can you endure? ***

About Enduro

“Enduro was a racing video game designed by Larry Miller and published by Activision for the Atari 2600 video game system in 1983”

ENDURO consists of maneuvering a race car in the National Enduro, a long-distance endurance race. The object of the race is to pass a certain amount of cars each day. Doing so will allow the player to continue racing for the next day. The driver must avoid other racers and pass 180 cars on the first day, and 260 cars with each following day.

Enduro Set Features

● Use your iDevice accelerometer/gyroscope to control the racer car
● Calibrate the controls as you wish
● Use OpenFeint leaderboards to send your highscores online and tell your friends about the game!
● Original sound effects, etc.
● Nicely thought automatic game difficulty increments.
● Have lots of fun…!

Leaderboards and Achievements

Want to get out there and show the world how good you are? We have implemented OpenFeint for you to shout out your skills to the world. There are many thing to achieve, what are you waiting for?!

Enduro Gameplay Video


“…the visuals look on par with the original…”


“I love in my device iOS revive the classic games of my childhood.”


“The gameplay looks quite enjoyable, and it’s a perfect fit for the iPhone.”


“If you were addicted to your Atari 2600 Enduro, you are going to fall in love with this game!”


“Always wanted to play this on the iPhone and iPad, and now that they did it, it was great. A must have for everyone who loved to play the Atari 2600”

So great!

“I am 44 years old. Today, after had downloaded this game I returned to be 10 years old again! Thank you! I hope that my kids like it too!”


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