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Train your brain and have fun at the same time, that is our slogan in Finger Rider…

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Finger Rider has a very simple rule “Your finger should stay within the lane all the time!” Sounds pretty easy, right?

About Finger Rider

How Long can you stay Online?!
Train your brain and have fun at the same time, that is our slogan in Finger Rider…

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes for your brain to analyze what you observed and react accordingly? Is it possible to increase one’s reflexes through playing certain games?

Finger Rider measures your skills through a very simple rule “Your finger should stay in line all the time!” Sounds simple, right? Yes… but only the professional players (call them Master Riders) can tell you how amazing it is to be able to practice to react faster and faster and have fun at the same time.

Finger Rider Modes

Ultimate Mode:
Play this mode to warm up. This mode has two challenging elements,
– Coins: You can collect coins and try to stay within the lane as well using only one finger!
– Speed: You’ll speed up as you advance, make balance between how focused you are on collecting coins and being Online!

Top Speed Mode:
No coins in this mode to distract you, no total game score to worry about, just one thing to master:
– Top speed, in this mode things will fairly quickly speed up, so stay calm, and stay focused.

Musics and Sound Effects

Enjoy fantastic Musics in Finger Rider by: Kevin MacLeod,

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Leaderboards and Achievements

Want to get out there and show the world how good you are? We have implemented GameCenter for you to shout out your skills to the world. There are many thing to achieve, what are you waiting for?!

Finger Rider Gameplay Video


The gameplay is fast and furious. Not only do you have to move left and right, you need to go up and go up and down to catch the coins. It get hard pretty quickly and only the best can move up the leaderboard.

Fast and furious

A fast paced and exciting game.

Mr. Rusto

Great Game

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